About 13Th Psyche

About the Artist

Bea Gonzalez is the maker behind 13th Psyche.

Her background in fine art and fantasy illustration informs her work, as she finds inspiration in sources like Fantasy, fairytales, Nature, Ocean , Astronomy and Celestial bodies. She works in her home studio in Madrid, Spain where she lives with her boyfriend and two cats.

About the Jewelry

​Tiny bottles are cute!

13th psyche jewelry is handmade with materials such as Glass, resin, Brass, Hypoallergenic Stainless steel and sterling silver. A self taught jewelry designer, Bea uses traditional techniques to hand-craft each piece in her home studio. She believes strongly in retaining the sacred relationship between artist and artpiece, so she is solely and personally responsible for painstakingly creating each piece for her clients.

All my products are designed, created and handmade by me, in my little workstudio in Madrid, Spain.

Although I'm always been known for my glass bottles, I have also started experimenting with resin and quartz.
I'm fascinated by all the possibilities that resin and quartz give to create new pieces.

I have always felt inspired by the sky and nature. I love creating celestial, floral or animal themed jewelry.

This is my little and cute workstudio. I work from home always accompanied by my two furry children, Natasha and Trece.